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Other than the birds, everyone else need transportation by boat, chaloupe, or yatch to get to Ile-a-Vache.

Boats usually leave when they are full as there is no real schedule. We encourage you to leave in the morning. Youíll take a small leap into the taxi boat that takes you out to the slightly larger boat that will splash through the Bay toward your destination in about an hourís time or less.

The boat will arrive at CaCoq first, then on to Madame Bernardís. You can also hire a private boat and captain for the day. prices are negotiable. Getting around the island can be a challenge. Boats can carry you around to the coastal towns and beaches. You can try to rent horses from the locals. Your best bet as always is just to walk.


Rural Tourism
Rural tourism is encouraged on the island. That is a form of tourism which allow tourists to stay at a family house on the island. This helps the community generate revenue for themselves. Some people periodically visit the island and take advantage of such cost conscious promotion. This is for the low budget people who enjoy a more community like vacation. The guests are invited to spend time with their children; small motor boats (with driver) and people to tour the island with them are put at their disposition . For more information, write to vacation@ile-a-vache.com or call Patrick Lucien at 508-395-4768 :