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No visit to Ile-a-Vache is complete without a trip to "ile de l'amour" (island of love), a small white sand bank in the middle of the ocean where you can take your love one for breakfast, lunch...

you may even consider bringing that ring with you and propose while you are at it.


On your way back from Ile de l'Amour, stop by the Fishermen Island and see how a small community of fishermen live day and night with their family peacefully on this beautiful island minutes from Ile-a-Vache

Remember to bring some fish back to Ile-a-Vache.


Here at Ile-a-Vache, fishermen bring the freshest seafood the ocean has to offer direct from the local bay.

Taste an array of local seafood dishes, enjoy fresh conch (lambi), red snapper and lobster or purchase and take home with you.

Try your hand at fishing! Learn how to cast a line or watch how the local fishermen master the art of fishing.


As quiet as Ile-a-Vache may look, the community is vibrant and welcomes its visitors with open arm.

Come and spend some time with us. Enjoy a football (soccer) game, a cultural activity.

We'll tell you all about our beautiful island.


While visiting Ile-a-Vache you might want to think about leaving a souvenir of your visit with the community.

We invite those visiting to give a minute of their time sharing a knowledge, spending time with the children, bring a gift

And stay in touch.