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This site is a free service of Ile-a-Vache Development Group S. A.

We hope you enjoyed your virtual tour of Ile-a-Vache. We try to provide information of interest to all visitors of the island!.

Our Mission:
The Ile-a-vache Web Site was developed by members of Ile-a-Vache Development Group S.A to promote tourism in the south of Haiti and specially at Ile-a-Vache. Our site provides information regarding the many beautiful places of interest and fun things to do on the island. We are committed to promoting tourism and to encourage the economic development of the island.

Email:  vacation@ile-a-vache.com
Phone: (US) 508-395-4768

Our Services:
As the web site evolves, we will provide a free listing of the name, address and phone number of area businesses, non-profit organizations, public services, and general information regarding tourism at Ile-a-Vache.

We are always open to new ideas and are constantly looking for ways to improve our site and our services. Please feel free to send us your suggestions.