Come spend a day of fun in the sea visiting the enchanted Island of Ile-a-Vache and surroundings in our very confortable boat while learning the history of the island. Get to know the true beauty of Haiti and introduce yourself to the real pearl of the Caribbean.  Come Aboooooard....


Each Picture is worth a 1000 shots.

We won't say much and let you enjoy the breath taking views, complete moments of silence. That's how it is every day at Ile-a-Vache.

The white sand beaches and crystal clear blue water are virtually impossible to resist. Cooling breezes and warm hospitality ensure the perfect stay.

Dive in with us, we'll give you time for a swim.

The sunsets from anywhere on the island turns the sky into a canvas. Let the magic take you over in a moment for a great ending to a warm sunny day.


Come and visit the caves of the island, a display of nature at its best.  If you don't bring your camera, don't blame us, see for yourself what you'll be missing.
Get some friends together,  spend a day with us, tour the island, enjoy a white sand beach, lobster, lambi (conch), fresh fruits, priceless views.

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