Charcoal from Coconut and agricultural waste





Working with members of the D-Lab from Masschusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), members of Ile-a-Vache Development Group have helped introduced this new technology in the south of Haiti.  Today, charcoal is being produced from coconut husk and other agricultural waste on the island of Ile-a-Vache.   


IAVDG's goal is to completely stop the production of wood charcoal on the island and provide an economic alternative to all charcoal producers. This is an opportunity to take advantage of organic waste and turn it into a usable product. This new venture should also create over 50 jobs in the long term.

IAVDG is partnering with local charcoal producers and a local women organization to promote the new charcoal.   CAPAS, a local organization in Les Cayes provides the trainings to the charcoal producer.  IAVDG intends to work with the local authorities to make the production of charcoal from trees obsolete in the future.

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Yon Chabon kap Sove Pye Bwa

Ile-a-Vache Development Group  vle pote kole avek chabonye nan zile Ile-a-Vache pou nou kanpe zaf koupe pye bwa. Donk, nou vini avek yon lot fmil pou f chabon sou zile a.  Chabon sa pi bon ke chabon bwa e li ede nou kenbe zile a pwop.  Gade nou nan Youtube.